Day 1
24 Jun 2019
Day 2
25 Jun 2019

Gala Dinner

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Delivering core functional benefits of consumer goods, building the scale and value of product categories, increasing customer satisfaction, driving greater overall purchase, increasing added value, developing premium segments and satisfying...
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10:30 -11:00

Morning Refreshment & Tour Lead by Chair for Minister around Exhibition Venue followed by Short Press Conference at VIP Holding Room

Opening Keynote: Latest Innovations in Science, Creativity, and market knowledge by the Fragrance Industry

Fragrance companies meet the needs of manufacturers of consumer products and luxury goods by creating and supplying proprietary-blended fragrances. Each blend is unique and is only sold to one brand...
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Case Study: How does Fragrance Innovation provide a Competitive Edge to your product?

Fragrance technologies used in consumer goods provide manufacturers and brand owners with a continuous stream of new ways of meeting additional customer needs, creating new markets, and increasing consumer value....
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Panel Discussion: The Development of Standards and the Role of Consumer Safety in Fragranced Goods

Contrary to popular belief, most exposure to hazardous pollutants that affect health and well-being occurs indoors. A primary source of these indoor pollutants and exposures is common fragranced consumer products,...
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Keynote: Are you good outside as you are inside?

Today’s manufacturing industry is massive, with billions of dollars spent each year on fragrance chemicals used in the production of consumer and luxury goods. This has turned the packaging segment...
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Keynote: Artificial Intelligence: Now IT too can smell

The evolvement of AI has gone a notch higher with expanding the algorithm that studies existing fragrance formulas and then compares the ingredients to other data sets, like geography and...
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Keynote: The Marketing Point: How Fragrance Compounds have the Upper Hand in Product Development

The recent evolution is climatic inspiration and seasonality. Fragrance brands can take inspiration from this approach, with offerings based on climate conditions of the wearer’s surroundings, detailing different notes, formats...
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Keynote: Patents & Legalities – The New World Legalities with Fragranced Goods

Patenting smells in the past was limited to describing the chemical composition of the substance. You could patent your packaging that is unique but never the fragrance. The new order...
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Closing Keynote : Trending for 2019 : Whiffing out the next best thing

To forecast the next trend in fragrances, the players need to acknowledge that consumers are developing more sophisticated tastes and preferences. In the year 2018, few major players have gone...
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Networking Evening Tea and End of Day 2