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Meet the Right Company – Day One

The Fragrance Innovation Summit-Asia is not just another average summit. The curated and invited exhibitors whom you will meet are the industry trendsetters, the very body, soul and machinery of the industry. Coupling with regulators, policy makers and country representatives, the summit will have the entire global fragrance platform available on Day One for Business-to-Business Networking and Matchmaking

Training matters – Day One

Each training will provide the advantage for industry participants to acquire updated information and knowledge which is valid, constant and revolutionary in the fragrance industry. Day One is created for this very purpose and seating are limited to create a conducive learning experience for participants to master the trade. Keep a lookout for the most updated trainings & masterclasses choices for The Fragrance Innovation Summit-Asia

Summit and all its Glory – Day Two

Unlike the typical summit you go for, The Fragrance Innovation Summit-Asia will not be stagnant or repetitive. Each panel and standalones are researched, written and approved by leading players, regulators and fragrance industry experts where it is timely, revolutionary and will take your performance and improvement initiatives to the next level.

Get your tickets now and save 20%.
Offer expires soon. Hurry!

Who should attend

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